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I recently purchased a year subscription plan on to prepare for software engineering and coding interviews. I decided to invest in this platform because I've been watching the Co-founder, CEO, and Instructor of, Clément Mihailescu, a lot on YouTube for the past few months. I enjoyed his YouTube videos and learned various amounts of knowledge about the industry from him that I looked into the platform that he's been constantly promoting, I was intrigued but hesitant at first. One late night impulsive purchase has lead me here now, portfolio ready, resume ready, cover letter ready, and now to become an algo expert and ace that coding interview!

So approaching the questions, I didn't have much prior knowledge on Data Structures & Algorithms other than the Big O Notation from Udemy courses, the FreeCodeCamp JavaScript curriculum, and a few pathetic attempts at learning them from CodeWars and LeetCode. So... I didn't exactly have a good time starting out when I grouped the questions by difficulty and starting with the Easy category and the question of Two Number Sum.


If you are interested in AlgoExpert and would like to know more and ace your coding interviews, check out: (Use promo code "clem" for a discount on checkout!)

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