My Experience Becoming a Web Developer

Sep 9th 2019 by Edmond Ma

Journey of

I see people ask around everywhere what they need to know and how much they need to know in order to become a web developer, how long it will take, how much money they can make, how hard it is to learn, and so on. It can be hard to answer all those questions as people and technology in the industry are constantly changing, but I think sharing my own experience diving into the field can bring a new perspective and be beneficial to myself and others.

So long story short, I've made some websites when I was younger but my interest in the field faded away in high school and college. I graduated out of college with a Business degree in IT, but the field of work and career path just screamed for me to get out. So I did, on the cold and frosty night of December 21, where I stumbled upon two people that have a significant influence in the start of my journey to becoming a web/software developer. It was Brad Traversy or TraversyMedia on YouTube, and Andrei Neagoie in his course The Complete Web Developer: Zero To Mastery. Despite only attending a few classes of Computer Science in university, having limited knowledge of HTML & CSS, outdated Python and Java skills, I gave there courses and videos a try.


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